Friday, April 9, 2010

Table Talk: Fenway Park Adds New-Age And Vegetarian Options To Concessions

As Fenway Park, the historic home of the Boston Red Sox, gears up for it’s 100th Anniversary in 2012 there have been huge make-overs to every aspect of the park.

Seats were added to the Green Monster. Walkways were made more accessible. Bathrooms were updated and increased. But one of the things that has people talking are the new additions of vegetarian-friendly foods that will be sold during Sox games this season.

“We feel it is our obligation to make the ballpark as fan friendly as possible,” says Larry Luchino, Red Sox president and chief executive officer, in an interview with a local Boston mag.

Amarak, Fenway’s food provider, has added a veggie burger, a veggie dog, and a spinach and mozzarella Stromboli to the parks menus. Also, a renovated concession stand will feature new menu items, priced from $5- $7, such as fresh baked pizza from a brick oven, chicken parmesan, and meatball sandwiches.

“Fans are getting more diverse,” said David Freireic a spokesman for Amarak, in that same story. “In an effort to appeal to those various tastes and diets, we recognize the importance of expanding our menu to appeal to everyone.”

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