Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Taste of the Town: Sushi with my Valentine..

Fugakyu is on Beacon Street in Brookline and has an amazing selection of traditional and specialty sushi. Steph got me into eating sushi a few years ago, when she took me to Asahi Japanese Restaurant in downtown Salem. I was skeptical of eating any fish, so she brought me there to try their Buffalo Chicken maki (classic seaweed-rice sushi rolls). I fell in love with that roll and have since gotten the courage to eat cooked and raw maki and nigiri (raw fish on rice). On this occasion, we got LOTS of sushi; each makimono consists of 8 pieces of sushi and the nigiri is 2 pieces. Steph ordered a Pine-tato maki (Fried sweet potato & grilled pineapple), a Louisiana maki (Fried crawfish, avocado, Cajun mayo & scallion), and a Spicy Tuna maki (Chopped tuna, tempura crumb, spicy mayo & scallion). She enjoyed the Spicy Tuna the most, though the Crawfish was very interesting and something that we had never seen at another sushi bar. I also ordered a Pine-tato (which may be my new favorite makimono), as well as an Amai Ocean maki (Grilled pineapple, snow crab, cucumber, spicy katsu sauce with black sesame) and a Maguro nigiri (raw Tuna on rice).

Top: Steph and I at our table. The decor is all bamboo shoots, which is beautiful

Right: This was Steph's plate. The Tuna is back left, the Pine-tato is back right, and the Louisiana is front center.

Overall it was a wonderful dinner and we will surely go back to Fugakyu very soon. I would recommend it to anyone that likes sushi, or wants to try this curious cuisine.